Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am pregnant

Hi there just wanted to let everyone know that I am 13 weeks pregnant with a precious baby. Its been a rollar coaster ride of ups and downs but I can say as of now all is well with precious bubs. I had my NT Scan last weeks and the numbers looked great .So fingers crossed that the pregnancy will continue to progress well.

I only know am starting to feel excited. I have had a very emotional few weeks after my mother was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Thankfully since then she has had an operation to remove and whilst it was cancer they managed to remove it all and no further treatment was required. I know the angels and precious Michael was with his grandmother . Watching over her during he procedure and whilst the healing has been long and painful , three weeks later she is doing just fine.

So things are on the up and up and I am looking forward the meeting my new bubs in november . Right before xmas !