Monday, March 30, 2009

Things happen for a reason

In this whole journey I learnt that things happen for a reason. There is a reason for everything . Nothing is a co-incidence and even in the depth of dispair , even when you have lost a child which to most people is the unthinkable , there are blessings to be found and lessons to learn.

I have learn't so much from my precious baby. He has given me so much wisdom and so many gifts that to my angel I will be enternally grateful.

One of the most important lessons that death and times of sadness teaches you is who is really there for you. You learn that most people are beautiful human beings who truely care and in the midst of your sorrow that there will be someone special there to pick you up . Sometimes the people you least expect.

And then there is a flip side . Like anything . For every black there is a white , for every up there is a down and for every good person you learn who never was there and who didnt care. But I am grateful for that wisdom too. As harsh a lesson it is! So now I know and with that I am aware. I have compassion for these people that at times when someone else is in need of support they cannot see beyond their life problems , just to spare a thought. Just to think "How have my actions impacted this family".How have my words hurt them! That they cannot grow to be better people as they are so caught up in the vicious cycle they call life. Not taking responsiblity for thems selves and their actions and always looking to pass the blame . I would never want to live that way . Its a horrid way to live and can only lead to a life of misery and heartache.