Monday, August 16, 2010

Blue Wren

I once went to a medium over a yr ago now and she told me that Michael would appear to me as a Bird ..She was quite specific in the bird she was refering to and described it as an Australian bird called ".a Blue something " .She wasnt quite sure of the exact name . I always wanted to know what this bird was called and one day when on the phone to a friend she told me that a blue wren comes to visit her often. I thought thats it ..It must have been a Blue Wren she was refering to . For over a year I have looked out for this bird which has a quite distinct blue patch on it and the funny thing is only the MALES of this type of bird are blue. I could see that my gorgeous boy had put a lot of thought to this! Despite my efforts I have never ever seen this bird ..although I desperatly wanted this confirmation . And then the other day , when I least expected it whilst looking out the kitchen window at my sisters house in Kellyville there appeared a BLUE WREN ! I was totally caught off guard however a sense of calmness came over me as I knew there was Michael . There was my confirmation ! I was so happy . The bird danced along the fence for a little while before it flew away. I was in complete awe of this gorgeous bird

Michael has a funny way of showing him self to me when I really need him . Thanks you Michael! Mummy really needed that and I hope to see you again very soon xxxx