Monday, December 6, 2010


Life is so precious but no matter how much life throws at you and how overwhelming your life experiences are ....we all continue with our day to day and take it for granted .I guess that's what makes us human ! We get caught up in the process you call life and just don't realise that moment... that very second could be your last . Or when you caught a  glimps of something/someone...   that would be the last time you ever saw them in that way ! The next time you see them the story may be different !

This day the 6th of December reminds me how precious life is and how quickly what you expect to happen may just never happen and how something else ...another story may be the out come and sometimes the story does not always have a fairy tale ending.

This story began six yrs ago . On the 3rd of December 2004 . I decided to hold a lunch for my girlfriend Sharene who was expecting her second child. Sharene was to be induced on the Monday so we thought we would get together to celebrate the coming of her second child . I was very excited for Sharene .  I too had recently had my second child and looked forward to sharing that experience with her . I 'd invited some of our dearest friends and we had a really nice after noon . Being towards the end of her pregnancy Sharene did look really tired so after a nice lunch, to decided to gather Riley her eldest son and head on home . She started getting Riley into the car and was about to get into the seat and i called out to her "Sharene I didnt give you a kiss" ..She smiled at me and said don't worry I'll see you ..And I said yes I'll see you on Monday. I let her go with out giving her  hug and kiss and that is something I will regret forever.

She was on my mind quite a bit over the weekend. The one thing I do remember about her pregnancy was that she was quite apprehensive.  She was nervous and told me that on several occasions. On the Sunday evening I had this urge to call her but time got away from me and with two demanding babies by the time I got around to making the call it was too late . Again I thought I'll speak to her tomorrow. I whilst tomorrow came that conversation never did!

She was to be induced early Monday morning ! So I didn't expect to hear from her till late after noon but as time went by and the phone didn't ring .I did start to worry but thought that her labour just went longer then expected !But as Tuesday morning dawned and still no messages or phone call I thought Id make a call.

I called Sharenes phone . No Answer . I called her husbands phone No answer and after several attempts I decided to call the hospital who had informed me she was in ICU but could not give me any details. I was instantly alarmed and left a message for David to call me.

David finally called me back and to my horror explained that things had gone horribly wrong and both Sharene and her precious baby luke where in a critical condition and he wasn't sure if either would make it. He explained that Sharene had suffered an amniotic fluid embolism and as a result was in a critical condition as was her beautiful boy Luke. After a long battle and a strong fight Luke passed on the 21st of December and Sharene made her journey home on the 31st .That month my life changed forever and I learnt the value of life and how precious it is and how ..with no notice at all your life could change forever. I miss you Sharene and I know we will see each other again but in the mean time I hope you have eternal happiness with your precious baby Luke and I know My boy Michael is in your care until I can hold him.

Today I also learnt of another family that has suffered a tragedy with a severe injury of their baby boy who was accidentally run over by a lawnmower and consequently lost a limb. My heart aches for this family and my thoughts and prayers are with them. Being a mother and even a mother that has a baby on the other side . I Still take may children for granted . Why do I do that. I know how precious they are yet I still get caught up in my day to day ....and today yet again I am reminded how fortunate and blessed I am to have my four children. And whilst I'm not here to pretend that I am anything but human or don't have flaws of my own I am going to try and not disregard any of the precious moments I have with my children .I am going to try and remember the lesson TODAY has taught me . The valuable lesson on the mortality of life .