Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another beautiful poem given to my by my friend Vivian on Michaels 3rd Birthday x

Michael was so very, very special

And was so from the start

You held him in your arms

But mainly in your heart

......And like a single drop of rain

That on still waters fall,

His life did ripples make

And touched the lives of all.

he's gone to play with angels

In heaven up above

So keep your special memories

And treasure. them with love

Although your darling son,

Was with you just a while

He'll live on in your heart

With a sweet remembered smile

Thank you Vivian for these beautiful poems . They Mean so Much xx

The sky is filled with Angels

With puffy lacy wings

The remnants of God's beauty

With treasures they now bring

...Each one of them a Guardian

That travels in the sky

To watch throughout eternity

Their parents from on high

Smiles that come from Angels

They fall like crystal rain

Eases earthly burdens

Lifting all life's pain

Halos so astounding

That glitter gold each day

Following their loved ones

In such a perfect way

Wings in gentle breezes

That fall from up above

Kissing every parent

With everlasting love

Angels soar through heaven

With everlasting light

Looking down from heaven

Saying their "goodnights"

Kissing all who loved them

So gently on the face

This life's tender mercy

Each parent can embrace

Wings and shiny halos

Travel from on high

Surrounding all their loved ones

They never say good-bye.