Monday, June 29, 2009

quick update- 20 week scan coming up

Just wanted to update quickly on whats going on.

Pregnancy is going very slowly and to this point thankfully very non eventful. I have my 20wk morph scan this week so extremely nervous. I cannot wait till its over and I am a total bundle of nerves until its over. I want to take the boys so hoping all goes well as i dont want to repeat of last time. I am hoping there is a postive out come for all of us. I am emotionally getting more and more excited about this baby and cant wait to hold it in my arms in November. I will bring this baby home as I deserve too.

It was gorgeous nikkis 5th birthday last week on the 25th . Nikki had a wonderful day with friends at preschool and then on Saturday he had a fantastic time at his bowling party with all his family and friends. He had a wonderful time and I could gett he big smile off his face .