Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sail the wildest stretch

I was looking at Evangeline today and thought to my self ..wow i must have done something right. As I sat outside with her enjoying the gorgeous winter sun I could not help but be in awe of her beauty. I know i am the biased mum but she is so precious and gorgeous. A combination of my sons features she is just perfection and i love her so much. Then my thoughts turned to Michael..My angel baby who to me was also perfection even though he had missing fingers and toes and pyhsically his body was far from perfect.I looked at him the same way . A MOTHERS LOVE ...So unconditional , so powerful and so intense that we can look beyond the pyhsical aspect or definitions of reality to see true inner beauty.

Evangeline is nearly 7 months and boy has the time flown bye . I am so gratful for the chance to have a healthy baby again and so overwhelmed with pride and happiness that i thank god for her and giovanni and nikki everyday. I cant say i felt this intense gratiude with my first 2 babies. Not because i didnt love them or I wasnt happy to have them but until you loose a child ..I dont think you can really appreciate the true gift it is to have a child. This is all because of Michael ..All because i had to let go the most precious thing to me ..a child ...that i will never take my living children for granted.WHAT A GIFT and a blessing.

Powderfingers song ..Sail the wildest stretch ..so rings true to me ..If you had your time over again ...would you do it all the same ...around all the twist and bends ............the answer is yes ..I wouldnt change a thing ..Life has at times been a challenge and sometimes hard and disapoointing but i would not change a thing ...NEVER ..