Tuesday, October 6, 2009

7 weeks to go

Its been a while since I have blogged..and I guess for the most part its been a little hard to sit here during this pregnancy .

I only have 7 weeks to go and feeling quite tired and sore but at the same time so excitied. But my thoughts are with my precious baby michael. I miss you my little one and as we prepare for you little sister ..a blessing I know you sent to us I cant help think of you. Wishing I brought you home and wishing you were here to. The thoughts and hopes for your sister have eased the pain in my heart for you but my fears are there.

What if I dont bring this baby home. ...But I will..Iknow i will. I cant wait to have your sister in my hands but I know my thoughts will also be with you.

I have been thinking about my gorgeous friend Sharene also. Loosing her life during child birth was such a traumatic shock for all of us that loved her. And as I prepare for my unborn child I cant help but think ..sharene did that too ..She had everything reaady and never got to come home. My heart breaks for her and her precious angel baby luke.

I know that its a time I need to remain positive and know in my heart that all will be fine but I know my fears are starting to play havic with my emotions. Thankfully I have so many people around that love and support me...And my precious boys and gorgeous husband are what get me through..I cant wait to bring their sister home..To show the boys all will be fine. I sence their anxiety also...

Michael as the time approaches I ask you to watch over mummy ad your precious sister. Please make he arrival as calm and peacful and beautiful as possible and bring her and myself home to your daddy and brothers.Mummy loves you always xx