Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Messages from the other side

They say that the connection between a Parent and child is eternal and has no boundaries . These words a words I hoped were true when Michael passed on . I wanted to believe that even though Michael and I were not together on this earthly dimension , that at a soul level we would always be able to connect .

I myself have had personal verification that Michael is OK and that he is around ,via the appearance of the blue wren and also several unexplained events around the home ,however the main connection with him has been though mediums .I have been to a medium several times ,and without fail Michael will always make his presence known. His energy his strong and his ability to come through amazingly intense .

But last night to my surprise I was given verification yet again that he is in fact with us through a series of events and syncroninties that only a special spirit could orchestrate to let his mummy and daddy  know he is OK.

And here is how the story goes

A dear friend of ours and a very special person in my husbands life  decided he would go and see a medium . Our friend , to be honest is the last person I would have expected to go see a medium however I was pleasantly surprised that he was in fact open to this .However curiosity and stories from his family members regarding the accuracy of this particular medium led him to make booking to see her well over 12 months ago . This is not the same medium who I have gone to for my readings .

So almost 12 months later the medium calls him and offers him a reading. Of he went with expectation of who he wanted to hear  from to validate the reading .

As the reading progressed several of his family members came through all with uncanny validation that no one unless close to the family would have known , however towards the end of the reading several of our family members decided to make an appearance. Initially Vince's Mum came through , revealing her name however our friend did not make the connection given that he was there for his own reading and only expected his family members to 'pop' in . Then Vince's Dad tried to make himself known revealing his initial and the fact that he died from stomach cancer quite suddenly but still our friend could not get the connection to him and then the medium asked him

'Do you know an Angel Michael?'

Well with this comment our dear friends doubts, if he still had any, simply washed away as he revealed to her that this was in fact his good mates baby. In his own words the hairs on his body where standing on end as she progressed to tell him that Michael loved the blanket that we wrapped him in ( I had wrapped in in a very special blanket which i used for all my boys) . He also went on to tell her that He often plays with his sister Evangeline (which we have witnessed first hand) and that he in fact looks allot like Evangeline. He Mentioned to the medium that he reveals himself as a 'small bird or a sparrow' which our dear friend verified as being the blue wren. He told us that he is with his grandfather Giovanni in particular and he is well taken care of . He also told us that he loved his tomb stone and everything we put on it for him .

The medium comments to our friend that she was very surprised being a baby that he was able to come through given that there were so many of  HIS friends family members trying to make a connection and all with very strong personalities .

Our friend came over yesterday to share the story with us and with tears in my eyes I went to sleep comforted yet again that my baby is OK , in fact around us and being taken care of in heaven by his loving grandparents.

This was not enough for my boy and went on today to ensure we totally understood that he is around.

Our friends cousin also got a reading with this particular medium today . I'm not sure if she knows our story but we are in no way related and really have no connection other then our friends so I was extremely shocked to hear that Michael decided to also make an appearance in her reading also . The Medium asked her if she had a family member come and see her early this week , The cousin said yes . The medium progressed to tell her that Michael was here again and that he wanted her to tell our friend that he was comforting his parents last night when our friend was telling us about his reading '

How special is that and amazing . I am blown away at the lengths my little man will go to and I am so fortunate that he has the energy to make him self known and to let me know he is good.

I cannot tell you as a mother with a permanent ache in her heart for the child I could not raise how blessed I feel right now . I have had to accept the circumstances of Michael's death and the fact that I was not to nurture him however to have this connection I feel a deep sense of gratitude that I cannot explain in words .

I am soooooo blessed .

We are also blessed to also have special friends that take the time to let us know the messages and share in this journey with us .

My baby is around and if there was any doubt ever that he is in fact a VERY big part of our family on a daily basis , there is definitely no doubt now .

I have gone on to make an appointment with this medium who is booked 6mths ahead of time so I cannot wait to get my reading but in the meantime I will hold onto these cherished moments forever

Thank you J x


Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Far I have come

I haven't written in my blog for a while but tonight a feel compelled to write . Perhaps its the fact that Oct 15th was Remembrance day for all the babies/infants that are no longer with us. I have been thinking about Michael a great deal . I guess It goes without saying that not a day goes by where I don't miss my little boy. He is here with me and makes his presence known in many forms. But  I can honestly say that I am at peace with the events that happened almost five years ago . These events made me who I am today and has lead me to a path to finally honour who I truly arm.

I have recently started my Own business called 'Radiant healing' which has brought me back to the person  I was before I said goodbye to my gorgeous boy . This has put me in a position to do what it is that I love doing . What comes naturally to me. Had it not been for my spirituality prior to loosing Michael , I don't think I would have coped as well as I could have. But today I stand before you a loving , strong , renewed women who again is going forward with her spirituality in tact yet knowing who I am , what I stand for and my core values . I owe this to my son . I am who I am and honour who I am as a Divine child of the light here to help in anyway that I can. This is an aspect of my self that denied for so long . An aspect I was afraid to reveal for fear of judgement . But to have a child like Michael and to reveal to the world the circumstances of his death  I have opened my self to the worst possible judgement a parent would ever have to endure and I survived . Why? Because I know in my heart of hearts that  I did what was best for my child and what was best for my family and as a result I have been gifted with the strength to stand true to who I am and what it is  I love to do .

I owe this t o my little boy, who I know has touched the lives of so many with only a few short moments on this earth .

I am in awe of my angel and what he stands for and how he has helped me become the person I am today . And I can honestly say for the first time in a long time I honour me and how far Ive come

This photo captures  far I ve come in a way no words can desecribe

Tonight It felt right to show the world my little man x my boy who I love so much and proud to be his mummy. Hope you dont mind me sharing

Love to all