Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy 2nd birthday Michael

During the lead up to Michaels Birthday again I could nothelp relive the days leading up to the day we let Michael go. Australia day reminded me of the heartache we felt during the wait for Michaels results and memories of what was such a traumatic time started to play havic with my emotions.

But Thursday last week Michaels plant which a dear friend gave me began to flower and not one flower but 2 which I beleive it was Michaels way of telling me in the lead up to his second birthday ..that he was ok. We were all so excited to see the Little Gem Magnolia flower for the first time.

Today was my babies 2nd birthday . Mum and dad went to the cemetary and spent about and hr with our son. Evangeline came with us but the boys went to school. With the rain I shed tears for my son but at the same time realised he was in a better place. Whilst I miss him everyday I know that he is having a better life then he ever would have on this earth. And for this very reason I have to be happy for him.

I think of what he would have looked like as a two year old . Probably a combination of Giovanni and Nicholas..Although he looked alot like Nicholas when he was born. Sometimes I stare at Evangeline when she is sleeping and I see so much resembalance to Michael.

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Tonite with the boys we shall celebrate Michaels big day with a cake and let 6 balloons to the heavens for every member of our family .

This time of year never gets easier.

Happy birthdayu sweet angel . Mum loves you forever . As you play amongst the angel in heaven think of Mummy , Daddy , Giovanni and Nicholas and Evangeline xxx