Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eulogy written for Michael. Read by Vince

Initially I would like to thank you all for coming today . The support and love that Rita and I have received during this very difficult time has been very overwhelming and I cannot thank you enough .

To get up here and talk of my son ..a son I only met for a few brief moments before he died in my wifes arms is not something I expected to have to do ever . but here I am and as proud as ever as even though I only met him for a few moments , I saw within him a special boy .

Finding out my wife was pregnant with our third child was very big surprise. And whilst he was not planned he was very much a welcomed addition to our family. We Immediately started planning for our new child and began rearranging the house and getting organized for the day he would arrive . We were very excited for his arrival and his brothers daily kissed mummies tummy and talked about what there new brother or sister would be like . We recently found out that Michael was gravely ill and would not make it and the day my wife delivered him was one of the most bitter sweet moments in our lives.

Sweet cause we got to meet this precious little boy even for a few short moments and bitter because letting him goes was the hardest thing we ever had to do. A little boy only 23cm in length and weighing 295grams , Michael was small indeed . But he had a look about him that was wise . Looking very much like his brothers , he was beautiful and at peace. And even though he was only 21 weeks , in those few moments my wife and I formed a bond that will last forever . We now take comfort in knowing that as a physical being he may not be here but as a soul with god he will live forever.

We carry him on our hearts every day and bury him today with great sadness but knowing that he never had to suffer one moment in his life . He is in a better place now …were he will know no suffering and no pain and will forever feel the deep love his parents and brothers have for him.

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