Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Boy

As time passes so quickly you would think that this time of year would get easier. But the memories and the intensity of the expereince even four years on , are still very real . But I have to say even though the memories of Michael are minimal in terms of time that we had with him , over the last four years we have had so much confirmation that he is in fact around us and constantly watching over us .

I often wonder what Michael would look like as a four year old . He looked alot like my second son Nicholas ,so I picture him to be playful ,with dark hair and full life and whilst if he where here with us he would not have had that life , I know with my entire being that in heaven were ever that may be ...that is how he is . Just like his brothers . Kicking the ball , being cheeky , rumbling with all his angel friends . Thats how I like to picture my boy and thats how he appears in my dreams .

And just like my other Children , I am so proud of him . I often wonder how such a small beautiful soul that never walked this earth ..never left a foot print in the sand could touch so many hearts and leave a mark on so many lives . In particular his Mummy .

I know I have said this before but I am so blessed to have held you in my arms Michael . So honoured to have given birth to you and so proud to call you my son. You have tought mummy so much and with the help of your spirit I have become a better person . Mummy wishes every day that i could hold you one more time . Touch you physically . Spend a day with you you blow out your candles but our connection was to be on a different level my boy ...and for this I am enternally grateful .

So as your birthday approaches and mummy remembers the emotions I was feeling 4 years ago like it was yesterday thing is different . Today I smile . I smile for all the blessing you have given me and this is far more intense then the grief I felt four years ago .

Happy birthday sweet boy ! I love you and Miss you every day xxx  Mummy

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  1. A beautiful, touching post Rita. Happy birthday to your sweet angel. I absolutely love what you have done to the blog. I know how you associate the blue wren with Michael and it's just a perfect fit. xxx